Morgan, the wife,  here chiming in from the perspective of the guest being photographed at an event. This post was going to be a how to on getting the best Thanksgiving photo — being able to capture family and food without it being gross. But, Patrick said that I could switch it up a bit.


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Junior Dads and Family Weekend to present a necklace to one of my students. I did feel terribly sorry for the photographer capturing the presentation photos. The room was dark, poorly lit, and the presenters were surrounded by dim strands of lights. I can see why Patrick never wants to do that gig. So, following the presentation everyone went in for desserts in another poorly lit room. The photographer stopped at our table and indicated he’d like to take a shot. First thing we did, of course, was to sit up straight and smile nicely for the camera. However, after he left I realized what was on the table in front of us … plates of partially eaten desserts. Over-stuffed, over-filled, half-eaten, and gross. The epitome of gluttony right in front of all of us.


Here’s the conundrum. When you hire a photographer, you want those casual shots at your event. You want the laughter, the smiling faces, the camaraderie. But who wants the picture of Aunt Susan shoveling potatoes into her mouth? Who wants the picture of your friends and their dessert carnage? Okay, maybe a few of them are fun, but what if that’s your only pic of Aunt Susan. Do you want to remember her with a mouth full of potatoes? And honestly, Aunt Susan doesn’t want you to have that picture of her.


So, I guess that’s a lesson from a guest to a photographer. I’m never going to even think that I can shoot the quality photos that you do, but I’d like to suggest, that as you’re editing those photos … please remove the gross ones. Aunt Susan and I would greatly appreciate it.


In the meantime, here’s a picture of our son. It’s cute. Enjoy.