Wadesmill0308Any artist/creative person flinches when someone starts with “If I …”

  • If I had fancy pens like yours, I could be an illustrator like you
  • If I used [inset site builder of choice], I could build websites like you
  • If I had a good computer, I could be a graphic designer like you

That’s right because all that you need is pencils/a program/a computer to do anything creative. Let’s just forget the years of practice, years of study, and the talent that’s actually involved.

So, when I came across the headline “If I had a camera like yours, I could take great photos like you,” on Photofocus.com, I couldn’t wait to delve deeper.

What pleased me most about the article was the author’s positive attitude. Vanelli could have ranted about the nerve of some people, he could have belittled the “If I” person, but instead he made it a teaching point. He gives good recommendations on how to teach and work with camera enthusiasts. He encourages the professional photographer to join a camera club to find those enthusiasts and to work with a new group of people.

“Just because you are a professional and can teach others doesn’t mean you can stop learning. Challenge yourself to learn something new. Collaborate with other professional photographers.” – Vanelli

As a life-long learner, it’s great to read about other photographers with the same attitude. I have enjoyed teaching at the local community college and working with students of all ages. I’m constantly reading articles about the changing world of photography and encouraging my son and wife to do the same. I enjoy co-shooting an event, and have had the pleasure to work with other photographers at Mary Baldwin College.