I have a Quickshot flat rate of $35 for very quick (local only) jobs that only require three to five photos, about a half hour and don’t require special equipment, editing or extensive time commitments. The Quickshot rate is specifically for media outlets, small business, and non-profits who need quick shots for news stories, community announcements or social media.

Not Quickshots

To discover how much your photography request would cost it would be best to contact us with the details. As a guideline please include the following:

  • Name of event and, if your event will have multiple photo moments within it, the names of those ‘sub-events’ within your big event that require photos
  • Start and End Time(s) and Date(s) of the event and sub-events (especially if different locations are involved)
  • Locations of event and sub-events if more than walking distance apart. Also include whether locations are indoor or outdoor or both
  • Rough size of event
  • Special circumstances. Examples: VIP guests, grip and grins, military flybys, parachuting Santa, etc
  • Is this event formal, business casual, vacation casual, public, private etc

As a guideline you can apply a base rate of 135/75 which works like this:

  • $135 for the first hour, one-hour minimum
  • $75 an hour after the first hour
  • If events/sub-events have a non-photo taking gap between them of more than two hours then the rate resets to 135/75 again

Other things to consider:

  • Travel outside of the central Shenandoah Valley will add travel charges that are based on your specific event
  • Rapid turnaround time of your photos will cost more depending on the number of photos needed and the speed at which you need them. Rapid turnaround must be discussed in advance as I will not bump work for another client for last minute rapid turnaround requests
  • If your event requires the photographer to be put in a potentially dangerous position then additional death and dismemberment rates will apply 😉