PS_NaturesceneAs I read this article on about the “One Thing That Will Make You the Best Photographer,” I could see myself throughout the entire piece. I am an avid reader of photography articles, I watch YouTube demonstrations on the next best things in photography, my family will give me books on different photography styles, and my father-in-law makes sure I get an inspiring calendar every year for Christmas.


What I don’t often plan in my week is time for practicing. Time to go out and just drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and take pictures. Take advantage of the fact that I live in the Shenandoah Valley — a beautiful place to get beautiful photos. I could practice my theater photography by visiting friends at rehearsal and documenting the process. I know they wouldn’t turn me away. I could go visit my neighbors’ granddaughter and get the baby photos that I enjoy capturing.


My favorite quote “Don’t waste too much time burying your head in a textbook — get out, practice, and kick some butt!” For me, I shouldn’t waste my time burying my head in the computer. I need to get out and get some practice. Take advantage of the world around me.